Vault of The Starborn Machine

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The Hero:

Name: Hiero Sol1, the Champion of Starlight and Defender of Humanity
Age: 88 (years since last reactivated)
Descriptor: Machine2
Type: Jack
Foci: With the Heart of a Star3

Is Great with: Machines, Inspiration, and Fighting Nonhumans
Is Terrible with: Stealth, Subtlety, and Fighting Humans
Special Abilities:
- Can discharge/absorb lightning and plasma
- Possess thrusters for manuvering and boosted leaps
- Up to x5 optic zoom
- Has powerful robotic strength and durability.


Hiero is a black and silver automaton designed like a mechanical parody of a human knight. A gleaming sphere of plasma sits at the center of his hollow chest, visible through a sun symbol shaped, strongglass window on his breast plate. 

The Sidekick:
Name: Ro
Age: 10-12
Descriptor: Mutant
Type: Child
Foci: Who is Still Learning the Basics4

Is Great with: Climbing, Paying Attention, and Eating Metal
Is Terrible with: Choosing Role Models, and Feats of Might
Special Abilities:
- Prehensile tail
- Sharp teeth and an unhinging jaw
- Blue, metal eating saliva


Standing little more than four and a half feet tall, Ro is a young hairless mutant with skin the color and sheen of a mottled pearl and orange seskii. 

1. Hiero Sol's name is meant to mean "Sacred Sun" in a language prior to the Truth (or at least an early dialect of it). This is because, prior to his reactivation, he was worshiped by a village as an avatar of the sun. When he woke, he simply ran with the name. In our world, his name is a mixture of Greek and Latin since these are precursers to the English language in the same way his name would be to the Truth.

2. His Descriptor is a varient of Artificially Intelligent with the people skills inability swapped out for a severe inability with stealth and subtlety, and penalties to all his checks if he willingly allows a human to come to harm. (Yes, even bad humans)

3. His Foci is mostly just a reskinned version of "Rides the Lightning" 

4. In an actual campaign, Ro would be considered a "Story Complication". Specifically a "defenseless friend" that has to accompany the PC at least 75% of the time.